Welcome to my Blog (stay awhile)

Hello, my name is Chen Yiming and this is my digital media blog for my class at Brock University:

COMM 2F00 : New Media Literacy

I want to make sure you know that just because I have to do this blog, it does not mean that I won’t be writing about interesting things. This is how my professor describes the course:

“This online course addresses new media literacy from a two-fold perspective: 1) as practical training in a basic repertoire of skills and tools essential to functioning in new media environments and 2) as critical analytical training in the key issues and theories related to the contemporary information age. Students are thus required to think critically about new media and to situate its practices and tools within broader social contexts through learning and using the very tools which are the object of study.  This form of engaged and reflective pedagogy not only allows students to acquire practical skills and a foundation in the theories and issues related information age post-industrial society but enables them to do so in a manner that requires self-directed research, training, collaboration, and critique.”

So those are some pretty interesting questions right? A short list of the writers I will be responding to in the first two weeks alone include Jenkins, Lievrouw, Lunenfeld, Rheingold and Turkle, who are big names in the field. So I invite my classmates and other readers to learn with me as I try to get a feel for these big concepts, and maybe even add a little bit to the conversation myself!

I also think that it is important to try to make links between these concepts and things that are familiar to regular people, so as much as possible I will be making the conversation point toward music that I find interesting, especially electronic and punk music. We will see how it goes!

Check out the blogs/sites in the blogroll on the right for more info!

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